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Bizitron empowers your initial coin offerings with seamless cryptocurrency marketing campaigns to acquire investors and increase your capital at lightning speed.

Crypto Launch Services

Integrated marketing campaigns to reinforce your brand ambitions 

Are you ready to launch your blockchain startup, crypto token or cryptocurrency exchange? We empower your launch with curated industry buzz, interviews, marketing campaigns, influencer campaigns and more. 

Gain the support you need to build your reputation and achieve instant brand awareness from day one. 

We employ state-of-the-art tools including multi-market tours, referral programs, brand messaging, PR placements, viral marketing and influencer campaigns to help your new crypto product, and company attract, target and reach the right customers and investors. Our goal is to orchestrate a delightful brand experience for customers while strengthening your growth strategy.

Create massive anticipation for your crypto launch 

Here's our process for cryptocurrency innovators and ambitious entrepreneurs to make the most of their marketing strategy:


On our first encounter, our dedicated PR experts will discuss with you to understand your pain points, goals and vision. Our goal is to work together to ensure that your ICO has just the right industry buzz from the onset.


We will carefully develop a custom PR and digital marketing strategy to align with your objective and leverage diverse crypto-oriented channels. Our goal is to help you achieve tremendous and meaningful ROI


As a leading crypto marketing agency, we identify the best placements, influencers and channels that would see that your crypto project reaches its potential. We aim to drive your project ahead of its competitors while focusing on achieving long-lasting results.

Results, Rinse Repeat

We go beyond your launch day. We aim to keep re-inventing and optimizing your PR and crypto marketing campaign to nurture and maintain a massive focus on your brand.

Access custom-built cryptocurrency campaigns that set you apart from the competition

When you choose our crypto token or coin launch services:


Press releases and targeted placements The entire goal of a dedicated PR solution is to expand your reach while spending the least. We negotiate contracts, to help you leverage discounts that make the most of your limited resources.


Crowdfunding campaigns Crowdfunding as part of cryptocurrency marketing can be tricky. We develop robust strategies that take care of every aspect to accelerate your reach, revenue and growth. 


Thought leadership We curate in-depth blog posts, articles and white papers that position your blockchain-based startup, service and product as trustworthy and credible.


Captivating storylines and narratives  The success of any crypto brand relies on weaving compelling backstories. We help strengthen your brand story and help build an engaged audience around your crypto coin and token. 


Media relations No matter the stage of your crypto project, we help you get featured in diverse local, national and international publications targeted at the cryptocurrency market. 


Brand messaging and positioning We help you build and polish your brand message to resonate with your target audience and drive them to take action. 

Frequently Asked Questions cryptocurrency launch marketing services?

A crypto coin or cryptocurrency is a digital currency or an online payment system. In contrast, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a kind of fundraiser, to develop a cryptocurrency startup or venture.

Blockchain PR, also called cryptocurrency PR, refers to the process of attracting investors, new users and community members to your blockchain-related product and services by getting your brand, event or product featured on leading cryptocurrency media publications. 

Cryptocurrency launch marketing empowers your initial coin offerings to help attract investors, crowdfund your startup, and help people across verticals gain insights about your crypto project.

We are an established agency specializing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Hence, we fully understand the market and stay on our toes learning about new trends, practices and more.

A carefully curated cryptocurrency marketing strategy will effectively take your unknown crypto/blockchain/ICO and make it famous in the digital world to attract potential investors, raise more funds, and get more traders to buy your coin. 
Bizitron brings to you strong industry relationships. This means you can lock down on impressive coverage that would guarantee the potential of reaching investors, and customers in a short time.
Absolutely. However, to harness strategies that have been tested and validated, it’s better to leave it to the experts. When you work with dedicated cryptocurrency launch experts, they help shape your brand image, reach the right audience and increase your chances of success without wasting time or your money.

The length of your campaigns is dependent on your goals. However, for your crypto launch, it normally starts before and continues long after the initial launch to maintain impressive coverage.

The answer is it depends on your KPIs and goals. We create custom marketing solutions based on your needs. Reach out to us for a custom proposal.
We have good connections with media outlets such as CoinTelegraph, NewsBTC, and Coinspeaker, alongside partnerships with Telegram and Twitter influencers.
Yes, we do. In reality, we aim to be your partner beginning from the launch and beyond to ensure your crypto project goes smoothly and maintain brand awareness in the market.

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