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Crypto PR and Influencer Marketing

Delightful Crypto Influencer Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Brand

At Bizitron, we amplify your brand reach, strike viral conversations and trigger huge conversions.


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Targeted Buzz To Drive ROI-Oriented Actions

Bizitron makes it easy for its clients by collaborating with best Crypto/NFT influencers and PRs to get featured on Youtube Channels, Twitter, Podcasts, Events, Telegram Channels and many more.

At Bizitron, we help you foster long-lasting influencer partnerships to gain traction around your cryptocurrency projects.

Your cryptocurrency project demands a specially curated influencer marketing solution that ensures the right messaging about your brand reaches the right places to achieve results.

Harness, results-specific initiatives designed to deliver true impact. We know how to customize influencer marketing and through micro or macro influencers meet your specific needs.

At Bizitron, we employ proprietary influencer marketing tools and data to match the right influencers to your brand, service, crypto product, or any other project. We bring to you a network of crypto-targeted influencers, and celebrity partners ready to ensure you gain impressive results.

Build trust, focus, and an endless supply of high-value leads

Here’s how we offered tailored crypto influencer campaigns and promotions:

Kick off

Tell us about your business goals. We’ll take the initiative to build targeted influencer marketing campaigns to meet and exceed your KPIs.


We build buyer personas and assess your target audience across diverse channels. This helps us identify the best crypto influencers for your project.


We always follow a results-oriented approach to ensure that your crypto campaigns result in acquisitions, valuable bids, and sales. Hence, we will collaborate with chosen influencers to shape narratives and conversations to influence the buying decisions of followers.

Results, Rinse Repeat

Profitable results demand testing, tweaking, and optimizing. We keep returning to the drawing board to refine your influencer marketing strategies to continuously empower the growth of your crypto project.

Frequently Asked Questions crypto influencer marketing?

Crypto influencer marketing involves collaborating and partnering with well-known influencers in the crypto space ready to promote your crypto project to gain awareness, credibility, and customers.

Unlike SEO/PPC campaigns that can be intensely competitive and sometimes prohibited, Influencer campaigns reach directly to people willing to hear and get involved with your cryptocurrency project. The credibility and PR from working with these influences will also increase the credibility of your brand and can even transform into an instant success

Influencer campaigns are tailored to your unique goals. Hence, it can last anywhere from a single mention/shout-out/tweet to a long-term partnership.

We have a network of micro and macro influencers across social media channels ready to promote your crypto products, services, and events. Then we match you to the right influencer or group of influencers. Whether you wish to build credibility, community, or drive up your token price, we have the right influencers for your needs.

Typically, we do not accept payments in the form of your tokens. We have a lot of upfront costs and overheads and will likely pay the influencers on the go. However, we are always open to discussing performance-based bonuses on your tokens.

Bizitron helps you leverage the “trust” factor which is a necessary ingredient to get investors and customers to accept, buy, sell and help grow your cryptocurrency brand.

Influencer campaigns drive enormous returns on lesser efforts. Predictions suggest influencer marketing can drive as high as 11 times the ROI from banner ads. However, your unique influencer marketing campaign may deliver lower or higher than the result, depending on your KPIs and budget.

We have a network of micro and macro influencers ready to take on your task. We will leverage these influencers across financial and crypto-oriented publications, listings, and exchanges. We also harness forums and social media channels such as Telegram, Reddit, and Discord.

Every crypto brand is unique. This means the time estimate to getting featured, finding the best influencer, and developing content depend on your unique goals. When we get to know your project inside and out, we will come up with the best time estimate for your campaign.

As said earlier every crypto brand and marketing campaign is unique. So your KPIs and goals will guide our calculations. That said, promo codes, website traffic, UTM parameters, engagement, affiliate links, and more are great ways to judge whether your influencer campaign is worth it.

Our crypto influencer marketing service cuts across verticals, channels, and cryptocurrency projects. So whether you wish to develop campaigns for your crypto, NFTs, DeFi, crypto exchanges, and more, we are here to help.


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